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  • It is never too late - an inspiring 11+ journey of two ten year old students who defied the odds
    • It is never too late - an inspiring 11+ journey of two ten year old students who defied the odds

      Created By Posted by: ACE Tuition at 18:00, April 23 2015

      This blog is about 11+ journey of two of our students who defied the odds to win a place in top super-selective Grammar school in Kent.

      Both boys joined my tuition with less than 3 months before the exam. One was tutored 1-1 elsewhere while other was never tutored. However, they were taught by parents who are professional, work full time and were busy at times.

      At the time of joining, both students were assessed that they have the potential but require concepts consolidation, fine tuning and motivation. When I met their mums for the first time, they were very naturally anxious and said, “Any grammar school would do”. I was bombarded with loads of nervous questions - “Is he good enough to prepare for Grammar school? Would he pass? Please assess and let us know honestly”.

      As you know our classes are generally full of academically bright students. It was not easy for them to settle down and catch up with loads of new information thrown at them. The quality that I truly admired about both was that they never gave up. They clearly understood their weaknesses, kept their cool and were persistent in putting efforts. I reminded them repeatedly that we are going to give the best shot regardless of the outcome. They did standard test papers alongside private papers and did study long hours every day. The scores weren’t encouraging initially but they kept on going without giving up. They trusted me with the advice and exactly followed the plan.

      The 11+ results came out in Oct 2014. To our delight, they both qualified for Kent & Bexley with decent scores. Later in March 2015 allocations, one was given Beth Grammar while other got Skinners. The parents were happy with the results but also wanted to appeal as they were on borderline scores.

      It's worth highlighting that not only Skinners' and Judd are grammar schools, they are 'superselectives'. And Beths is an outstanding school in many respects. Most importantly, all 3 schools are in the 'Top 100 secondary Schools in England! (rankings below).

      The second round allocations came in April and guess what … both have been given “The Judd, Tonbridge”, which is the top school in Kent. The parents are over the moon and both boys are delighted. I feel proud for them and think they pulled off biggie in spite of all odds stacked against them.

      The lessons learnt from their experience are:

      • Don’t give up and keep trying. It is never too late

      • Focus on efforts, not the scores/results

      • Understand your weaknesses and work hard to fix them

      • There are always going to be children who are better than you but there are plenty of seats in grammar schools and all you need is “a seat”.


      * Top 100 secondary schools: