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  • Covid-19 Update
    • Covid-19 Update

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      COVID-19 Update

      Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, we have suspended all lessons until further notice following government advice on social distancing. As schools are also suspended, we advice that children make the most of their time to study and learn all subjects at home. We are looking at different ways to minimise the disruption so that your child does not miss out on valuable educational opportunities. This include live webinars (online lectures where you child can ask questions and learn). 


      As you may be aware, GCSE and A-Level exams have been cancelled. As it stands 11 plus exams will currently proceed. Therefore, at present, we will focus our resources towards 11 plus preparation with these webinars. We plan to resume all previous classes when permitted.


      We understand that this is a difficult time for both parents and children, but it is paramount to remain safe and follow all government guidance in the coming days. We strongly recommend that you try to avoid attending large social gatherings and isolate your family if anyone develops a new cough or fever.


      We will keep you posted on any new developments.


      Thank you,

      ACE 11+ Tuition