Maths and English Tuition

Extension Classes
Mock Exams/Revision Course
We take mock exams (online) for tuition students only. 
No new students are taken in the period May-Aug. 
Mock exams are customized by schools and exam boards (GL/CEM)

1. The objective of this class is to learn the advanced material but not to increase your homework significantly (at least in the initial months). The workload will scale up gradually as we will approach the 11+ exams.

Maths (advanced)
English Comprehension (advanced) - Mostly Standard and some Multiple-choice;
English Poems - analysis, key phrases, vocabulary
English Writing - Letter (formal/informal), Report, Persuasive, Newspaper report, Recount, Story, Continuation etc.

2. The session is only one-hour long. Not all subjects are covered in the same session (due to time constraints)

3. Classes are run via Zoom. You will be given access to Google classroom where Maths papers and answer are posted (but not every week)

4. Writing - is done gradually in the class. My objective is to help your child acquire writing skills that are high enough to pass the exam.

How writing works:

Creative writing framework is explained in the class. Once your child has understood all the building blocks of creative writing, it becomes easier to write on any given topic under exam conditions.
Topics are brainstormed in the class
Feedback given is generic and basically tells all students what points they should have considered for that topic.
Students will write for 20mins during the class (like a real exam).
Parents to post the scanned pdf on Google classroom after the class. This is done to ensure that students are not writing for longer duration at home, rewriting 3-4 times and posting the final version.

5. Comprehension - The English comprehension papers we do are harder than the material available in the market. The standard answers are discussed with the students during the class. Your papers are not marked. Your child will gradually understand what he could have written to secure top marks.

6. The English answers, sample writings etc are copyright of ACE 11+ Tuition. These are not shared with the parents.

As you may know, my students have passed St. Olave's, Westminster, Eton, City, Sevenoaks and lot of other top schools in big numbers. These exams are in Nov 2021 - Jan 2022.