Maths and English Tuition


Excellent tuition, we had no hope when started. Coming from abroad and no school experience in UK, also English as a second language - we had no much hope. But Mr. Ash made a plan, he guided us trough the course and provided lots of extra materials that was tailor made for our girl. Started with him in September 2014 with scores of 60%. By December our girl had learned about 2000 extra words and start scoring 85% all the time. We did not give up. 3 hours of staddy every day after school and 30 minutes in the morning b4 school, also 8 h on Saturday and 8 h on Sunday. By the end of May 2015 our girl was scoring 90%+. On mock exams she was coming in top 5 children. We continue hard work during the summer with average study time of 6 h per day and learned further 2000 words. For 12 months that we was with Ace tuition Ash proven to be excellent and always was providing materials and knowledge and preparing for the exam. He build confidence in our girl and self believe. The result- excellent scores and accepted in our n1 choice. Just to let you know the scores achieved 100% on Kent test, 265(out of 280) in NW - and when we look back one year earlier and low scores we can only smile. Thanks Ash in believing in our girl and helped us all the way. Thank you for the hard work. I am still very emotional after just received the acceptance letter for our girl and also just learned that our close friend son also been accepted in St Olaves- this child also was attending class in Ace tuition. Well done Ash- you proven to everyone that you can prepare for St Olaves and for NW and all Kent and Bexley gr schools

Milen Atanasov