Maths and English Tuition


My daughter Alice is currently having tuition with Ash. We are very lucky to have found Ash- he is like a good secret too good to be told of but he does deserve all credit: lessons are very well organised, not afraid to push children academically yet my daughter enjoys her lessons as finds them fun, and parents are updated weekly at the end of the lesson as to areas covered, homework for next week and any other important matters. I originally started my daughter with three different tutors but ditched the other two as Ace is most definitely covering all areas. This does not mean that my parental support is redundant- on the contrary, I work hard at keeping Alice up to date with work expected- and that is just what I value! Ace shows the strategy for success and study path to take rather than just go through books and answers. He researches various editors, identifies the varied exercises that complement each other, then expects both parents and student to follow. If you're looking for an easy life, probably not the right tutor to go to; but if you're looking for guidance for success- I feel I have found a gem and the fact that I do not mind travelling over 10 miles every week for my daughter's lessons is testimony!!!! Mo Lo, Tonbridge

Mo Lo