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ACE 11+ Tuition provides expert advisory services for 11+ tuition:

“Unbiased” professional advice:
Our advice would be unbiased and exactly what we could have done in your position and circumstances.
Suit your individual circumstances:
Our advice would be after considering your individual circumstances and not general advice.
Cater for a variety of requirements:
Your requirements and priorities could be very specific.
Experience with students:
We have significant experience of placing significant number of students into various grammar schools including super-selective and grammar schools. We have placed a large number of students in grammar schools and have the experience of what may suit best to your child.
Experience with parents:
We have experience of managing large number of parents with specific needs. We regularly providing consultancy to large number of parents with varying circumstances.

Some of the common problems encountered by parents are listed below :
  • Individual needs:
    • Your individual needs may be different to that of others. Both working parents, one working parent and single mums – they all have to work on a different plan to get their child into 11+.
  • Lack of guidance:
    • You may not know the right set of people in your professional network who can help you on 11+.
  • Misleading or partial information:
    • Even if you are lucky to have some parents in network, the other common problem is that these parents (who have their children selected in 11+) are too busy or not keen to share their success. They may not even tell you which books their child studied, which tutor he/she went to and how many hours he/she studied and other finer points.
  • Disparate information on Internet:
    • There are public forums but the info is too vague and sometimes biased. One may end up wasting couple of days trawling through the information, posting queries and getting mixed responses.
  • Deciding Target school:
    • A local comprehensive may be appealing to one parent while grammar school may attract to another parent. Identifying which school is right for you (based on your circumstances) is crucial for the preparation.
  • Catchments:
    • The catchments can be quite tricky as more and more schools are now restricting geographical boundaries.
  • Admissions Policies:
    • These can vary for different schools based on a selection of admission criteria.
  • Completing CAF Preferences:
    • Most of the parents are not sure when it comes to filling the Common Application Form (CAF) preferences. This is the most crucial part of 11+ as one mistake can result in allocation of inappropriate school to your child.