Maths and English Tuition


Section 1: Year 4 Tuition - Information Page for new joiners

What books do you need for the classes?

11+ books - list relevant for your class is sent on Whatsapp
Online classes -
Click here for the guidance document [Online sessions start from 22/23 March]
Click here for the new Terms & Conditions (effective from Mar 2020). 
>> What dates are the classes on? How do the payments work?
Click here to see the Class and Payments Schedule for Sunday morning class. It has the class dates and payment schedule.
Payment is by the term. Each term is 2 months long such as Sep-Oct, Nov-Dec, Jan- Feb and so on. The number of sessions is typically 8 in each term but can be 6, 7 or 9 depending on the time of the year.
You pay (non-refundable) for the first 8 weeks.
Your second payment could be the partial amount for next term which would bring you in sync with the payment schedule.
Your subsequent payments are exactly as per the payments schedule.
Payment schedule for Sat evening class will be sent via email. 
>> How does the tuition works and how to do homework?
Click here to download the guidance on how the tuition works and how to do homework etc. ?
Section 2: Year 4 Tuition - Useful Resources
Year 4 Extension Books list - Year 4 Books List - Optional.pdf

Reading list- Year 4 Reading List.pdf
List of English exclusions (i.e. questions that you can ignore): Click here to download


Section 3: Year 4 Tuition - Assessment Results

English - short test : Click here to download 

Maths Assessment: Taken in Mar 2020

Click here for the results

Click here for the Maths guidance

Click here for the English guidance.