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About Us

ACE 11+ Tuition (brand of ACE Tutorial LLP) is one of the most popular tuition provider in SE London with sole objective to help children pass 11+ exams. We have achieved significant number of admissions in the top grammar schools such as QE Boys, St. Olaves, Wilson, DGS and Judd. Some students are also selected in top private schools including Sevenoaks, Haberdasher, CLSB, Westminster and Eton. Our results are probably higher than any 1-1 tutors, private schools and tuition centres in the region. Most of our admissions are via recommendations and word of mouth. All of our classes are generally over-booked and the spectacular results reflects the quality of tutoring.

We have the strategy, tools and techniques to transform students into strong contenders. Our tutoring has enabled students to turn into awesome writers with strong literacy, numeracy and reasoning skills. If you are a new parent and not sure about our tuition, please see glorifying reviews from existing parents on Facebook and Testimonials page.

Our success mantra is simple - we are passionate for 11+ and teach your child with heart & soul. Our students look forward to attend each session. All we ask is hard working students and committed parents. Obviously you need to pay on time, submit weekly homework and follow guidelines etc.

Your success is our success and we work hard to ensure that your child succeeds in more than one grammar school. Our results speak of itself and we endeavour to deliver similar or better results year after year.

Our  goals for the 11+ exam preparation is to make sure that your child gets access to the relevant material, correct methodologies and expert guidance thereby enabling him/her to achieve full potential and secure a place in Grammar school.We feel pride in delivering high quality structured material so that parents don’t have to waste time researching. Our framework, methodology and techniques have enabled students to not only clear the top Grammar School exams but also perform exceptionally well in SAT exams (Level 6).
We specifically target·the following super-selective schools for 11 Plus exams:
  • Bromley - St. Olave's, Newstead

  • Kent - The Judd School, Dartford Grammar, Skinners, Tonbridge, Maidstone and Wilmington

  • Bexley - Bexley Grammar, Beth Grammar, Chislehurst & Sidcup and Townley Grammar

  • Sutton - Wilson's School, Wallington and Sutton Grammar

  • North London - QE Boys, Henrietta Barnett

  • Private Schools - Eton, Westminster, City of London Boys, Sevenoaks, Trinity, Dulwich & Eltham

All of our parents have acknowledged that they are extremely delighted with our tutoring approach, progress made by their children and honest feedback.We work closely with the parents so that they get value for their time and happy with our nominal fees. Using the latest technology and study material, we make most out of the weekly session.
Our students are from top sets of various state and private schools. Majority of our students are from 15 mile radius (Dartford, Sevenoaks, Lewisham) with some exceptions of who travel over 50 miles to attend our classes. They all work hard and strive to get into the best grammar school. They regularly get praised by teachers at their primary school.