Maths and English Tuition


Since moving to Kent, we were keen to find a tutor who would effectively support our daughter in her quest to attain a place at Grammar school. We were extremely fortunate to have quickly found Ash, of Ace Tuition, towards the end of her Year 4. In our initial phone conversation, it became immediately apparent that Ash possessed the qualities we had been searching for in a tutor. His logical and strategic approach, in depth knowledge of the key 11+ subjects and plethora of 11+ schemes, his complete passion and enthusiasm for learning and his personable nature ticked all the boxes. From our first meeting and throughout her time with Ace, our daughter has been completely inspired by Ash as a teacher, particularly his approach and ethos, which as well as embedding the key learning requirements, also focused on motivating children to 'think like champions' in every aspect of their learning experience, in order to not just achieve, but exceed (or 'smash'!) their goals! As parents, Ash's hands-on approach has also been extremely helpful in keeping us involved in every step of our daughters learning journey. Ash was always available to speak to before or after lessons and often over the phone to discuss any issues or worries. The Group learning has also been instrumental in our daughters success, where the ability to compare her progress against others enabled our daughter to constantly gauge her progress, as well as the healthy competition driving our daughter to continuously raise her game! Suffice to say our daughter achieved outstanding results in all her 11+ exams. She was one of only 5 girls to attain a maximum score in the Kent Test (out of more than 13,000 children) as well as a maximum score in the Medway Test. She also attained an exceptionally high score for Newstead Wood (effectively guaranteeing her a place) and top 180 score in the Bexley Test. Ash's logical approach, compete honesty and candour with both parents and children alike, his great sense of humour and hands on approach has made this a fantastic learningexperience for our daughter! Suffice to say Darling Child no.2 is already signed up to start with Ace very shortly! Thank you Ash.

Mr & Mrs Lawrence (Kent)